Chirpity: Identify Birds by Sound

Using Machine Learning to identify bird calls in audio recordings

Chirpity screenshot showing spectrogram, results table and context menu

Welcome to Chirpity, your ultimate companion for identifying bird vocalisations. Designed with Nocmig enthusiasts and bioacoustic researchers in mind, Chirpity revolutionises the process of reviewing extensive audio files for the presence of avian sounds. Powered by cutting-edge Machine Learning, Chirpity offers the choice between the well-known BirdNET and a bespoke Chirpity model - finely tuned for Nocturnal Flight Calls - ensuring identification tailored to your specific needs. With intuitive features for reviewing, tagging, and organizing detected calls, Chirpity saves valuable time and effort. Available for both Windows and Mac platforms, download Chirpity today!

Key Features

Compare detections with reference recordsings from Xeno-Canto
Compare detections with reference audio files.

Performance Comparison

Many people familiar with BirdNET have used the "BirdNET Analyzer GUI" for automated bird call identification. Due to many optimisations made in the application, Chirpity is able to perform the analysis significantly faster. The following benchmark data show the time taken to analyse a file just over 3 hours long. Firstly using the native Chirpity detection model, then BirdNET within Chirpity, and finally BirdNET using the BirdNET Analyzer. The number in brackets shows how much faster than real-time this represents:

Model Core i5 CPU Core i5 GPU M2 CPU M2 WebGPU
Chirpity native 80s (140x) 28s (388x) 67s (167x) 44s (252x)
Chirpity BirdNET 106s (106x) 270s (41x) 75s (148x) N/A
BirdNET Analyzer 549s (20x) N/A N/A N/A


First released to the public on February 8th, 2024, Chirpity already has regular users in 15 countries and counting!
Finland Italy India Holland Ireland Spain Japan Belgium Australia France USA Sweden United Kingdom Switzerland Germany
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Example of using Chirpity

An introductary tour of the key features of Chirpity.